Seth Polansky

sethSeth Polansky has been a musician for virtually his entire life, and blindtillnow is the culmination of his exploration in electronic music. His exposure to live rock and roll music began in high school after lying to a bunch of his friends about his skills, then learning how to play electric bass on the fly. Thus began a long string of rock, pseudo-new-wave, goth, alternative and industrial bands.

In college, Seth became increasingly frustrated with the lackluster performance of "sound guys" and decided to learn how to do it himself.  Ten years (and thousands of student loan dollars) later, he found himself with a PA system and small home recording studio.

He has recorded, engineered and produced countless tracks for both his own projects and those of others. This current version of blindtillnow is a departure from past efforts, and Seth couldn't be more please with the path it has taken.  He intends to continue with this incarnation of blindtillnow until he's too old crawl up on a stage.

Carolyn Powers

carolynCarolyn Powers is a classically trained vocalist, and blindtillnow is her first experiment with modern music. She earned her minor in vocal music at Salisbury University in 2002, while studying voice with Dr. Sandra Jarrett.  She went on to study voice for two more years with Dr. Martha Randall at University of Maryland. She appeared as Kate in Pirates of Penzance in a Laurel Mill Playhouse production, and sang with the Central Maryland Chorale and the Salisbury University Chamber choir.  Most of her singing outside of btn is done without a microphone and she often appears as a soloist in local churches or as a favor for the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).  She has been recognized at National Association of Teachers of Singing competitions with ratings of Excellent for singing various opera arias.

Carolyn’s favorite arias include “Una Voce Poco Fa” from the Il barbiere di Siviglia and “Sempre Libera” from La Traviata.  Her work in btn is inspired by opera, synthpop, industrial, trance and dark wave music, and she is delighted to work with Seth to explore electronic music.  In the daytime, Carolyn uses her voice to teach fourth graders how to think like readers, mathematicians, historians and scientists in a Maryland public school.  Carolyn met Seth while pretending to be a vampire, where they planned their dark and dramatic music project.