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blindtillnow is a Washington, DC-based duo, who have perfomed professionally on the US east coast for over a decade. Combining elements of electronica, rock’n’roll, world-beat, opera and drum’n’bass – blindtillnow shows are a unique experience.

Six foot tall classically-trained vocalist and front-woman Carolyn Powers exudes undeniable presence in every venue. Charismatic producer, engineer and instrumentalist Seth Polansky (also over six feet tall) provides the strong, silent counterpoint to Carolyn’s command of the stage.

blindtillnow’s music, like a fine wine, is elegant, complex, rich and refined – at times powerful, driving and inspiring – at times beautiful, fragile and delicate. The duo’s performances encompass not only their original material, but electronic arrangements of 16th century opera, and Depeche Mode and Tool covers.

Both Carolyn and Seth love dancing, and blindtillnow’s music is, at its heart, designed to be danced to.  The band encourages dancing, and their music is exceptionally well received in larger clubs with powerful subs. blindtillnow is equally at home performing at intimate venues, and enjoys those opportunities to connect with their audience on a more personal level.